DRACULA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL calls for short films, animation and feature filmmakers working horror, sci-fi, gore, thrillers, supernatural, dark comedies, animation, experimental films, cult and cutting-edge films within the horror, fantasy and science fiction genre to submit their work for its fourth edition.


The 10th edition of Dracula International Film Festival will be held from October 12 to the 16th, 2022 in Brasov, Romania.

In order to be eligible for the 2022 Official Selection, it is necessary that submitted FEATURE films have not been screened at any other fantasy and horror film festival in Romania. The rule also applies for international short films. The Romanian short films might not meet this criterion.

In order to be eligible for selection, films must be produced between 2020 to the present.

All submitted films will be eligible to participate in the Official Selection and to compete for the prizes in each section of the festival. A selection committee, whose decisions will be final, chooses films feature films and shorts in the Official Selection.

All selected films may be included in national and international screenings organized offline and online by Dracula International Film Festival in 2022 and 2023.

All submitted films must be subtitled:

  • If the film is in Romanian, the films must be subtitled in English
  • In any other language, subtitles must be in English.
  • Subtitles of each film are the responsibility of its’ producers
  • All films should also provide a dialogue list in English.

Applicants must fill out the entry and authorization form, which can be downloaded at this link and send all the required documents to subscriptions@draculafilm.ro. The deadline for submissions and screeners is August 15th 2022 at 9pm.

A list of selected films to be included in the 2022 Official Selection will be announced in our website on September 16th 2022. Films that do not meet the criteria established by this call for entries will be excluded from the competition.

All DVDs of selected works become property of the Festival for archival purposes. These materials will not be used for profit.

Dracula International Film Festival will establish screening dates and times for all selected films.

Once selected, films cannot be withdrawn under any circumstance. Submitting films to Dracula International Film Festival implies full acceptance of the festival’s guidelines.

Please be advised that we do not pay any screening fee for the films submitted.

Running times for the different sections of the festival are:

  • Fiction Feature Films: minimum running time 70 minutes
  • Short films: up to 20 minutes

Entries may be on:

  • DCP
  • Region 1, 2 or 0 DVD or Blu-ray
  • Online Streaming Media (youTube, Vimeo, etc.)
  • Dropbox
  • .mpg
  • .mov
  • .avi

Press kit must include the following materials:

  • Stills from the film with a minimum resolution of 350 DPI in either JPG, GIF, TIFF or PSD format (3 minimum)
  • Poster of the film with a minimum resolution of 350 DPI in JPG, GIF or TIFF format
  • Trailer of the film / and / or youtube link
  • List of principal cast and crew
  • Entry form and signed authorizations
  • The applicants must assume shipping costs of submitted films. If you are using courier services, you must specify that the contents of the package are “NO COMMERCIAL VALUE: FOR CULTURAL PURPOSES ONLY”. The festival will not cover any taxes or duties generated by any submission.

Deadline for reception of films and all related materials is September 30th, 2022. Postmark dates and shipping invoice for works sent by mail or Courier will be respected.

Digital materials must be sent to: subscriptions@draculafilm.ro whereas all documents and screeners should be sent to the following address: subscriptions@draculafilm.ro


Once a film has been included in the Official Selection, the applicant will have 15 days to send any missing materials and to confirm all information included in the entry form.

The film information submitted in the entry form will be the same information to be included in the catalogue.

Any information or revisions sent after September 30th, 2022 will not be taken into account.

Dracula Film Festival will acknowledge whoever signed the entry form as the sole representative of the selected film. This individual will be responsible regarding all aspects of the films’ participation in the festival.

Confirmation from the film’s representative signifies the full acceptance of all of the festival’s guidelines, with no exceptions.

Screening copies of the films in the Official Selection must adhere to the technical requirements of each section of the festival.

Screening formats in the Official Selection are Blu-Ray, DVD and QuickTime H264.

The festival’s management reserves the right to decline screening copies of a film that are deemed of insufficient technical quality for their presentation to audiences.

All representatives of films selected to the Official Selection must deliver no later than September 30th, 2022:

  • An English subtitled screening copy of the film in any of the previously mentioned formats.
  • Any situation not included in this call for entries will be considered and resolved by the festival’s management.


Dracula International Film Festival 2022 will award the following prizes:

  • Dracula Trophy – for a feature film
  • Little Dracula Award – for short film

In case of any doubts or if in need of further clarification, please write to: subscriptions@draculafilm.ro