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Regia: Oscar Harding
Genul filmului: Documentar
Durata: 1h 15min

A Life on the Farm este un documentar caracterizat de un umor negru cu totul ieşit din comun despre straniile principii de viaţă (şi moarte) ale unui fermier englez, Charles Carson, reflectate în filmările bizare pe care acest artist rural neînţeles de comunitate le-a făcut la vremea lui, relevate post-mortem datorită unei casete video descoperite absolut întâmplător, pe care autorul documentarului le-a caracterizat drept… “Monty Python meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre”.

When filmmaker Oscar Harding’s grandfather passed away in the rural English county of Somerset, his family inherited an extraordinary video tape – a feature-length home movie from neighbour Charles Carson, which can best be described as „Monty Python meets The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”.  But there’s so much more to the man than his bizarre videos – Charles was an inventor, an outsider artist, and a pioneer of death positivity, to name just a few of the filmmaking farmer’s achievements.   Charles’ life and work are examined by those who knew him best, as well as a whole new generation of fans who have been inspired by the legacy he left behind.  A Life On The Farm is an exploration and celebration of Charles Carson  and his movies, rescued from obscurity, which present a moving and laugh-out-loud document of a time and place in danger of being lost to history.