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Strigoi (România, 2021)

Regia: Aron Florian Anghel
Strigoi: The soul of an evil man that becomes a Vampire/Strigoi.

Strigoi is the original ancient Romanian myth for vampires. Between 2005 and 2007 a massive „pandemic” of Strigoi occurred in the region of Oltenia from Romania. People went sick without a medical reason, graves were unearthed, having the dead slain, with their heart impaled and burnt to ashes. Five people were prosecuted for Grave Desecration. As of today, the condemned Strigoi slayers still claim that they saved their families from being taken to death by the unholy spirit.  This is the dramatization of their story.

Durata: 13’45’’

Condamnat (România, 2020)

Regia: Vasile Badoiu

When Dinu, her husband, starts behaving bizarrely, Rodica struggles to understand what is happening to him and to help him. Disoriented and blinded by her own beliefs, she asks for the help of the village witch, in an attempt to heal Dinu from the ghosts of his past, but failing to understand the gravity of the situation.

Durata: 19’01’’

I sit and look out (România, 2021)

Regia: Gábor Balázs

The film consists of a coherent series of different absurd scenes that are constantly interrupted by the narrator’s internal monologue, which is about a photographic research. In the alternation of realistic and surreal images, the inner theme of the film unfolds, reflecting various social problems in the form of a unique artistic idea. The title I Sit and look out, and the three captions – which separate the beginning of the realistic and surreal planes – I See, I Hear and I Listen, together intend to unfold the theme or message of the film – through the images of the film – which ultimately calls for attention from the audience to one thing: to thinking.

Durata: 10’09’’

Mihail and Achim (România, 2021)

Regia: Theodor Ionita

Two brothers from the countryside are returning their sheep flock from the mountains. While they play around, one sheep mysteriously disappeares, so the older brother, Mihail, goes to find it. Seeing that his brother does not return, Achim leaves alone searching for him in the woods, gradually sinking into the night.

Durata: 10’33’’

Cântec de leagăn (România, 2020)

Regia: Paul Muresan

People tend to hurt each other, leaving long lasting wounds, and this is no different amongst families.

Durata: 04’00’’

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Sisifo (Spania, 2020)

Regia: Markel Goikoetxea Markaida

The echo of a distant shot stops his scurrying. Curiosity pulls him to where it was fired and he finds an inert man lying at the feet of a child. It all feels so familiar… He tries to help the child so he can, in a certain way, help himself. Remembering is not an easy thing to do. The chill of a shotgun barrel at the back of his neck snaps him out of his thoughts. BANG!  He keeps running away from his own shadow, condemned to carry the weight of being responsible for having killed his father.

Durata: 8’43’’

Ecdysis (Grecia, 2021)

Regia: Pavlos Sifakis

In a near-future world ravaged by environmental disaster and a deadly virus, Lina carries her infected teenage son, Aris, to a retired doctor hoping he will be able to cure him. But Aris’s infection proves extremely aggressive and Lina’s love for her son is tested as she watches him transforming into a different being.

Durata: 15’00’’

Vegetarieni (Italia, 2020)

Regia: Marco Mazzone

We are in the southern Italian countryside, a hunter takes his son hunting and for the first time, he allows him to shoot. The same afternoon, the boy takes his dad’s rifle and tries to repeat the experience with a friend.

Durata: 16’00’’

Corrosion (Taiwan, 2019)

Regia: Li-Fu HSU

That is the first day Ping-Wen who was a janitor back to his job, after the funeral for his mother. The news on TV was broadcast about the escapee who was appearing at the area around the building. In the middle of night, the time to get off work, but  Mr. Chang who’s the man had work with Ping-Wen, still didn’t appeared. instead a strange young man saids he will cover for Chang at this night.

Durata: 20’00’’

The thing that ate the birds (Marea Britanie, 2021)

Regia: Sophie Mair, Dan Gitsham

On the North Yorkshire Moors, Abel, Head Gamekeeper, discovers the thing that is eating his grouse.

Durata: 11’52’’

Vyraj (Polonia, 2020)

Regia: Agnieszka Nowosielska

Weronka is living a happy and peaceful life until she learns that her father is ill. The world around fights for her attention, and the reality slips out of control. Playing with friends, her son Pietrek experiences something that makes him believe he can heal. Is it possible that the boy influences his grandfather’s health?

Durata: 20’00’’

Breakdown (Marea Britanie, 2021)

Regia: Pete Banks

A man’s suicide attempt is interrupted by the appearance of a strange individual seeking help to repair his tyre.

Durata: 11’05’’

The Expected (Suedia, 2021)

Regia: Carolina Sandvik

A pregnant woman is lying in a tub. A man is preparing breakfast in the kitchen. Suddenly the woman starts bleeding and moments later the man finds her drained of all her blood – her empty skin is floating in the tub. She is moved to the bedroom where she remains confined, unable to do anything but staring and blinking. The father-to-be anxiously moves around the flat until he decides to pour the blood from the tub into the couple’s aquarium. Hours, days or weeks pass. Something is moving in the aquarium. It seems to be growing larger every day, but without revealing its full shape.

Durata: 14’30’’

Fractures (Spania, 2021)

Regia: Fernando Tato

The disappearance of a girl triggers an incessant and agonizing search. Nair, a mother broken by grief, and Anibal, a mysterious and tormented character, decide to take justice into their own hands. Anything goes as long as they find the girl and punish those responsible for her disappearance.

Durata: 13’00’’

Zmiena (Franța, 2020)

Regia: Pierre Renverseau

Autumn, dawn. The forest rustles everywhere, it looks like it lives. On the edge, an old isolated house. And in this house, a room, decrepit. A man, Greg, wakes up painfully, like he’s having a hangover … If it was not that …

Durata: 13’24’’

The Guests (Federația Rusă, 2020

Regia: Sofia Smirnova

One day of the life of a middle-aged man living in a village. What is he ready to do in the desire to change his life.

Durata: 24’02’’

One Minute (Spania, 2021)

Regia: Miguel Alcalde

An unsettling Skype call turns a young couple’s morning into a nightmare that could alter their lives forever.

Durata: 10’00’’

After the final (Spania, 2021)

Regia: Javier Guillot Sillas

547 days have passed since the zombie apocalypse. Ángel and Olga try to survive one more day, but food supplies begin to run low.

Durata: 7’56’’